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Last updated October 12, 2021
THTBC’s Updated Guidance on COVID-19

On September 9, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order 14042, “Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors”. The Guidance issued on September 24th because of this E.O. requires that Federal contractors and subcontractors with a covered contract conform to the following workplace safety protocols:

1.    COVID-19 vaccination of covered contractor employees, except in limited circumstances where an employee is legally entitled to an accommodation.

2.    Compliance by individuals, including covered contractor employee’s and visitors, with the guidance related to masking and physical distancing while in covered contractor workplaces; and

3.    Designation by covered contractors of a person or persons to coordinate COVID-19 workplace safety efforts at covered contractor workplaces.

As a Federal contractor, THTBC is required to follow the Guidance issued by the Federal Government. THTBC has issued a Mandatory Vaccine Policy based on the E.O. issued on September 9th, and the Guidance issued on September 24th.

THTBC has a formal process for requesting a medical exemption or religious accommodation for the mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine.

To make a request for a medical exemption, employees must fill out the “THTBC Request for Medical Exemption Accommodation – COVID Vaccine” Form.

To make a religious accommodation request, employees must submit the “THTBC Religious Exemption Accommodation – COVID Vaccine” Request Form, and the “THTBC Request for Religious Accommodation Affidavit – COVID Vaccine”.

THTBC continues to monitor changes and updates related to COVID-19 and is committed to keeping employees fully informed.

Employees should direct all questions regarding the mandatory vaccine policy, medical exemption, and religious accommodation to or (571) 402-2802. 

For more information or if you have questions regarding THTBC’s coronavirus response plan, contact us by phone or email.

Phone: (571) 402-2802

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